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Buying Guide

At Rolf's we taste and code nearly every wine we put in this guide (and in the store for that matter) so you can have a good idea of what to expect in each bottle you buy. Characteristics like body, fruit, oak, acidity, and tannin are coded on a scale of 0 to 9. Definitions for the characteristics and the scale's numbers are as follows:

BODY The weight and feel of the wine in your mouth. 0 None
FRUIT The distinct aroma and flavor of fruit. 1 - 3 Low
OAK Lends flavors (mocha, toast, cedar, and vanilla) and complexity to the wine. 4 - 6 Medium
ACID The backbone of White Wine. 7 - 9 High/Full
TANNIN The backbone of Red Wine    
The coding for each wine refers to its characteristics in this order: Body, Fruit, Oak, and Acidity (Whites) or Tannin (Reds).
Highly RecommendedHighly Recommended
All of our wines are recommended, but some wines are deserving of special recognition and are marked with a Highly Recommended